Home buyers remorse

Buyer’s remorse is a real thing and nobody wants that after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a piece of property. There are ways to avoid Home buyer remorse so if you’re planning to buy or doing some research and some of the first steps to homebuying, here are eight ways to avoid Home buyer remorse.

#1. Don’t be hasty.

Typically, making a hasty decision always leads to buyer remorse. Being too quick or settling for something because you’re frustrated with the search can almost always lead to buyer’s remorse. Take the time and don’t sign on the bottom line until you feel 100% confident about the purchase. While a lot of real estate purchases do need to be conducted quickly, being too hasty could mean remorse.

#2. Don’t overextend yourself.

Your first home doesn’t have to be your dream home but it can put you on the right track toward your dream home in the future. If you’re considering your first home, you don’t have to max out your budget. Buy something you can comfortably afford, increase the value, and then sell in order to put down a higher down payment on a home you really want in a few years.

#3. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

A lot of first-time homebuyers have grandiose ideas about different things are going to do to the property but then after a couple of years realize they haven’t touched any of them. Buying a fixer-upper is on the minds of a lot of first-time homebuyers but a fixer-upper to a real estate agent could mean almost a tear down and rebuild. Try not to bite off more than you can chew and simply enjoy your first home without regretting buying something that needs a lot of work.

#4. Listen to your real estate agent.

Listening to your real estate agent, especially one that is experienced and seasoned in the business is essential to avoiding buyer’s remorse. Ask your buyer’s agent about the type of home, neighborhood, location, and resources to find out additional information such as crime rates and school information. Your real estate agent has a lot of insight and Intel on buying a home, not just the process but the area and the construction in general.

#5. Consider location.

More than simply the home, don’t neglect considering the location. You may love the home but after a few weeks you realize the commute is out of control, you’re too far away from shops and restaurants, and your family or friends live so far raised that nobody visits you. Don’t neglect the location when choosing the right home.

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#6. Do your homework.

Do your homework to find out if this is the best property for you. Ask about the property’s history, how long it has been on the market, if it’s overpriced or a great deal, what about homeowner associations or restrictive covenants. Will you be allowed to do what you want in the community? Doing a little bit of research will avoid buyer’s remorse.

#7. Ask yourself if you are settling.

Sometimes, after weeks or even months of searching for the perfect home, buyers give up, are frustrated, and end up settling for a home they really don’t love. While it might be difficult, hold out from settling. You’ll be glad you did when you find that perfect property.

#8. Consider sweat equity.

Sweat equity is easier said than done. While it’s a proven way to build value, there’s can be a lot that goes into a major home improvement or renovation. Small little imperfections you plan on fixing could turn into big headaches later on. Be honest with yourself on how much time and energy you really want to put into fixing up a home. Don’t forget other responsibilities such as work, family, and entertainment. Are all of your extra dollars going into home improvement projects? Would be better to buy a home that’s a little more move-in ready rather than spending every penny you have on fixing up an older home?

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