Everyone wants to get as much as they can from the sale of their property. Once you stage the home, priced it correctly, and listed it, is that really all that a homeowner can do? While we all know about staging and how to clean an decoder house, there are other ways that you can sell your home for a bigger profit. Here are 10 tricks to selling your Mesquite home for a larger profit.

#1. Know your ideal homebuyer.

Different types of properties attract different buyers so it’s important to know who your target buyer is. A single-family home in good condition may attract buyers looking for a move-in ready property such as a family with children or maybe even a starter home. If the property is in poor condition or it might need a little bit of TLC, many of these types of buyers may not qualify for a traditional mortgage, which means you’re likely to attract an investor. Talk to your agent about what type of property you actually have and what your target demographic should be.

#2. Create a digital home history.

The majority of homebuyers, especially those that are not investors, are looking for a move-in ready and well-maintained home. There are a lot of online services and programs that allow sellers to create an online digital footprint of the home’s maintenance records, floor plans, and any warranties.

#3. Don’t forget to stage the landscaping.

Landscapers do much more than simply mow the yard and water the plants. Landscape stagers can actually boost the curb appeal of the home, which is typically the first impression most buyers are likely to see. If the curb appeal is attractive, though probably want to see the rest of the house. But curb appeal is not just landscaping; it can also mean the front door, hardscape’s, garage door, roof, and paint colors.

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#4. Kitchen upgrades.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are probably the top rooms that need a boost when selling. Buyers are looking and comparing new construction properties, which will have all the bells and whistles from granite countertops to new cabinetry, floors, and high-end appliances. In order to appeal to buyers, your home will need to compete. Yes, this can be an expensive move, but you’re likely to get a good rate of return when selling.

#5. Consider smart home technology.

Some of these items are not as expensive as you might think. Smart door locks and programmable thermostats can run you just a couple hundred dollars but it’s uncommon enough to stand out to buyers. Smart phone controlled carbon monoxide detectors, lights, and home security systems may be the wow factor that will boost the value of your home.

#6. Ceiling fans.

While most homes in Mesquite Nevada have central AC, ceiling fans cannot only add charm and design to a room but they can inexpensively create a value driving improvement when selling your home.

#7. Outdoor living space.

Buyers are looking for a comfortable place to entertain, relax, and due to the recent pandemic, enjoy more time at home. This means expanding the living space to the outdoors. You might consider a fire pit as an inexpensive outdoor option or go extravagant with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and expansive deck. Buyers will notice.

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#8. Proper lighting.

Lighting can make a world of difference both in person and in pictures. Natural light automatically makes the room more appealing so make sure the windows are clean, open the blinds, and consider adding accent lights throughout the house. According to the NAR Home Feature Preferences Report, one of the most common home improvements new homebuyers make is to add or replace lighting.

#9. Understand your neighborhood.

Neighborhoods can have a profound effect on the home’s value. If the home has certain amenities such as a clubhouse or community swimming pool, make sure to feature this in the listing. Homeowners should have an idea of what school district they are in, how close they are to certain amenities and services, and boost not only the house itself but the community in which the house resides.

#10. Knowing when to sell.

Having a great listing agent will help the seller decide when inventory levels are at their lowest and buyer demand is at the highest. This magic window can boost sales as much is $22,000 in higher cost areas and sell homes faster than other times of the year. This magic window is crucial to getting your home sold quickly.

There are several keys to getting a home sold fast for as much profit as possible but those are usually on a case-by-case basis. This is why it is crucial to have a qualified, licensed, and experienced Mesquite Nevada Realtor® that truly understands how to sell and in what market. This can be the difference of several thousands of dollars of profit. When you’re ready to list your home, give us a call. We know the Mesquite real estate market and can help you list your home, sell fast, and for as much money as the market can bear.

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